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Today, humanity is facing a desperate crisis as we confront an invisible enemy-the novel coronavirus. Marshalling our collective wisdom, RIKEN has established a special project to provide humanity with the means to overcome this virus.

Founded around a century ago to become a cornerstone of Japan’s prosperity, RIKEN has steadily produced research outcomes across numerous fields in the natural sciences. Over the years, we have gained expertise in such areas as immunology, genetics, and structural biology through our massive life science projects. To this we add not only research in the rapidly developing fields of computational science and AI, but also a diverse array of techniques, including AI drug discovery, with which to apply our research outcomes. We are determined to mobilize these strengths and pour all our efforts into this project.

Throughout history, humanity has made excellent use of science and technology to overcome many challenges-to make the impossible, possible. Now, as we stand on the precipice of a crisis which threatens so much of what we have built, science and technology is once again being put to the test. In collaboration with research institutes, universities, and companies in Japan and abroad, RIKEN will rise to meet that test and contribute to overcoming the novel coronavirus crisis.


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